Created in 2007, LyraCompoetics is an international research network which aims to foster research in the field of modern and contemporary poetry. Through the development of common research lines, the network’s members seek to study poetry from shared critical and theoretic standpoints, prioritizing comparative poetics and intermedialities. Jointly coordinated by Rosa Maria Martelo (Universidade do Porto) and Paulo de Medeiros (Universiteit Utrecht), LyraCompoetics also includes representatives from the follow­ing universities: Brown University (U.S.A.), Universidade Fluminense do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Université de Paris III, Sorbonne Nouvelle (France), Universidad de Salamanca (Spain), Universidad de las Islas Baleares (Spain), Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Universidade de Vigo (Spain), Università di Firenze (Italy), Warwick University (United Kingdom), Oxford University (United Kingdom) and Universidade do Porto (Portugal).

With the aim of linking and disseminating all the research work conducted by the many groups that it aggregates, LyraCompoetics organizes, every year, an international conference (or workshop) which is hosted by the various universities listed above, and every year it publishes two issues of the eLyra journal, edited by its members on a rotating basis.